Why We Offer Research Services to the Market Research Sector

January 7, 2021

As a language support provider, specialising in the market research sector, Mission Translate has also developed a suite of research services. Find out why we chose to make this step, and how it benefits our clients working in market research.

The background

Mission Translate was born a language service provider, delivering translation, transcription and interpreting services to a variety of industry sectors. As we’ve grown, we specialised, and the market research sector has become one of our key focuses.

Offering research services to make our clients’ job easier

Our ethos is to support our clients with their growth and success in global markets. By listening to our prospective clients, we explore ways to add value to their current service. We discovered that one key area where improvements were sought was the efficiency of service delivery. As well as introducing new clients to our processes and technology, proven in making accessing language services more efficient, we also reviewed other ways to save our clients time and hassle in their day-to-day tasks.

With many market research agencies sourcing their language services from one supplier and their research services from another or conducting it themselves, they were losing valuable time on the project management involved in these tasks.

Mission Translate is perfectly set-up to provide research services for our market research clients. We have a full understanding of the industry, and our project management processes, used to source translation work, can be used just as effectively to recruit, manage, and deliver research services.

By offering research services, alongside our language support, our market research clients only need one point of contact and one thread of communication to manage everything required for their projects. Time and hassle are significantly reduced, and their skills can be directed more beneficially towards their data analysis.

What research services are available?

Mission Translate offers a wide range of research services, designed to fully support your research projects. These include:

Content Analysis

Using specialist market research linguists to collect and analyse your content to your exact specifications.

Participant and Moderator Recruitment

Harnessing our proven recruitment and screening processes to source the right research participants and moderators to carry out your studies and obtain accurate and valid data for your analysis.

Social Listening

Gathering honest and insightful opinions from your online audience via native linguists, specialising in data collection.


Accurate translation of survey text, embedded in HTML code, and meticulous checking of every option of your online surveys to ensure an error-free experience.


Removing the need for verbatim translation of online data collection with a direct-to-code solution.

Adverse Events Reporting

Specifically trained in pharmacovigilance regulation, our linguists exercise best practice to collect and report any adverse events found in the data reviewed.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can improve the efficiency of your market research projects via our language and research services, please contact our team. We’d love to have a chat to explore how we can add value to your business.

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