The Specialist Skills Required for Market Research Translation

August 2, 2019

Translation work requires much more than simply an ability to write and understand two different languages and is a skill that can take years to master. In fact, most translators will choose to specialise in one particular field to hone their skills. When working on the translation of market research projects, the skills and qualities required are much more complex not only for the translator, but also for the project management of the task.

At Mission Translate, we work with a number of international market research companies. Our blog this week shares why it is necessary to have specialists working on your market research projects and what skills are required to ensure the work is successful.


Although this is not a quality that differs from any other type of translation work, when dealing with market research projects, accuracy is undoubtedly one of the top requirements of a project.

Accurate market research means that a business is armed with all the correct information when launching a new product or service or running a marketing campaign. If any part of gathering the research or its analysis is mistranslated, then there is the potential for a product to fail on the market.

Speed and a strict adherence to deadlines

Market research is one step in a client’s race against their competitors to launch a new product or service. We understand therefore that your clients have strict deadlines in which they need their market research turned around by and often these deadlines are fast.

At Mission Translation, we understand that a late translation has a wider impact on your relationship with your client and the success of their business. We therefore take any deadline seriously.


When gathering data from an international audience, it is very important that the translator is able to localise and adapt questions, so that meaningful conclusions can be drawn, whilst at the same time ensuring the questions asked remain accurate to their original intent.

Often word for word translation of data collection will not work, as they will not make any sense to the participants surveyed. Nonetheless, a translator must be careful when localising the questions, so that they still collect accurate data and are in no way leading or biased.

Understanding of software and research tools

Translation can be required at every step of the market research process.

At Mission Translate, our project managers have the experience of working with the most up-to-date research technology to ensure your translation is dealt with effectively. Whether it is translating web-enabled surveys, or completing their link-checking, coding responses, transcribing interviews or checking and editing subtitles, our project managers work closely alongside our translators to ensure accuracy and efficiency in completing your project.

Flexible approach

Market research projects can take a variety of different formats and so when assisting with translation work, a flexible approach is required.

Surveys may be qualitative or quantitative. The data collection could involve online or offline responses, face-to-face or telephone interviews or focus groups, all with a variety of number of speakers.

We offer a bespoke approach to all our translation projects, meaning that we are happy to adapt our processes to fit your exact requirements. Furthermore, we understand that sometimes participants’ interviews and responses may take longer to collect at your end, so have put resources in place so that we are able to work around your time scales.

Technical vocabulary

Whichever field a translator chooses to specialise in, knowledge of the technical vocabulary used in that industry is vital. When working on market research translation, there can be a wide variety of subjects on which the data concerns. Nonetheless market research translators will still be expected to have an update and cohesive understanding of the topic in order to retain the upmost accuracy of the data.

The many moving parts involved in successfully completing a market research project means that it is crucial a translation provider has the specific skills and experience required to ensure the process runs smoothly. When allocating your project, checking this in advance means that you can leave your project in safe hands and be able to keep your client happy with the results you are able to provide.

By Lorna Paice

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