The role of a translation agency in Birmingham

January 4, 2023

As a translation agency in Birmingham, Mission Translate appreciates our city’s cultural diversity and the language support needed for Birmingham businesses and beyond. In this blog, we take a look at how a translation agency in Birmingham plays a crucial role in supporting our communities with their communication needs.

Birmingham canals

Birmingham’s linguistic landscape

Due to its location and industry, Birmingham has attracted people from many countries in the world over the years, making it more ethnically diverse than most other British cities. It is estimated that more than 200 nationalities are present in the city. Over one-third of people living in Birmingham are non-white, with the Asian community making up 26.6% of Birmingham’s population.

With such a variety of nationalities living in Birmingham, it’s no surprise that the languages spoken are equally diverse. There are 108 different languages spoken in schools across the city. While English is the first language spoken by around 85% of the population, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali and Pakistani Pahari are each spoken by over 1% of the population. Polish, Somali, Arabic and Pashto are the next most commonly spoken languages in Birmingham.

Many people who speak languages other than English can still communicate in English well. However, a census looking at proficiency in English showed that 4.6% of the Birmingham population cannot.

In these instances, translation agencies in Birmingham have a crucial role to play.

How a translation agency in Birmingham can provide support to the community

When residents of Birmingham or visitors are unable to speak English, they need translation services to help them access various services. A translation company based in Birmingham may provide written support or face-to-face interpreting services for local authorities or organisations.

For example, Birmingham City Council ensures its information is accessible to as many of its residents as possible, engaging with translation providers to offer translation, transcription, and face-to-face and telephone interpreting in over 100 languages. It also provides British Sign Language interpreting and Braille services.

With Birmingham being such a multicultural city, a translation services provider needs to be able to cover a wide range of languages and provide support 24/7, as these services could be required out-of-hours.

Birmingham Town Hall

Where might people need to use translation services in Birmingham?

Birmingham-based translation services are not just required to support the work of the city council; language support is needed for a whole range of other Birmingham businesses and beyond.

These include health providers, such as doctors and hospitals, law firms, police and emergency services, social services, schools, job centres, charities, and advice services.

Private businesses may also engage with a translation provider in Birmingham to ensure customers can access their products or services successfully.

Our services as a translation agency in Birmingham

Mission Translate is a translation company based in Birmingham, supporting businesses or organisations that require high-quality, reliable translation services. We provide the full range of language support, including translation, transcription and interpreting (face-to-face, video and telephone). We also offer notarised, certified and sworn translation services.

Our team offers subtitling and dubbing solutions for video localisation, as well as a range of multilingual research and digital services.

Although we began life as a Birmingham-based translation provider, and this city is where our headquarters are located, our team now works worldwide, offering this translation and interpreting support to clients across the globe.

Birmingham City Centre

How we ensure quality when delivering language support for Birmingham businesses and beyond

At Mission Translate, we appreciate the critical need for quality when delivering our translation services. With the accuracy of our work impacting people’s lives and businesses on a wider scale, we have proven quality control processes in place to ensure our language support is trustworthy.

For example, we only work with native, in-country translators specialising in their subject area to ensure accurate and up-to-date knowledge and a style appropriate for the target market. These linguists undergo rigorous recruitment processes and training for each project we allocate to them.

We also use cutting-edge translation technology and project management software, so the language support we provide for businesses in Birmingham, the UK, and worldwide is first-rate.

To find out more about our translation services, please get in touch with our team.

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