The Power of People for Proper Delivery

July 13, 2021

A business is only as successful as its people, and that couldn’t be truer when providing translation work. How do we know this? Well, when you think about it, translation services, more than many industries out there, need to get its team right. It’s all about effective use of language, and to achieve that goal requires successful communication – from its people.

The linguists on the frontline

Here at Mission Translate, we have more than 4,000 registered translators and transcribers from around the globe. That’s covering 140 languages and expertise in a wide range of different industries, from Market Research and Healthcare to Legal and Marketing.

We also have a database of interpreters operating in 80 different languages, including British Sign Language. They provide interpreting services both in-person and for online events.

Having a native speaker, immersed in the environment and with knowledge of all those cultural idiosyncrasies that only native speakers have, makes an immense difference in the quality of a translation. It’s how you get words and phrases ‘just right’ and is the only way to get a translation ‘spot on’ rather than just ‘acceptable.’

The personal touch of the project management team

The project management team may be the unsung heroes of the translation world, the ones who coordinate every aspect of the service delivery to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

We have a team of project managers working in the UK, US and APAC, who partner closely with our clients to ensure every translation project is delivered on time and that any queries or updates our clients require are actioned immediately.

In fact, our project managers make sure all the moving parts in a project do just that – move – by implementing meticulous processes to ensure every project is delivered to an exceptionally high standard and always meets the deadline.

Building strong relationships is a key focus at Mission Translate. When working with us, you’ll always have a dedicated team of project managers committed to  handling every single enquiry. There will be a designated account manager, too; your point of contact for feedback and reviews to ensure our service consistently delivers to your expectations.

A dedicated online space just for you

But sometimes you’re too busy even to pick up the phone, or you’re checking work outside office hours. We understand this challenge, and it’s why we’ve come up with our client-secure platform, MTHub. Designed to offer convenience, improve efficiency and clarity, MTHub allows you to log in and check on the progress of your work whenever it suits you.

You’ll have your own private log-in area where you’re able to upload new project briefs and ask for a quote for future work. You’ll be able to check if your translation has been completed, whether it’s at the review stage or in the final stages of quality control checks.

Having a centralised online space is also an excellent way of communicating any changes to a document or project, avoiding any confusion that can arise with emails etc. Invoices can also be easily checked, and payments tracked.

A big plus of the platform is that, as well as being secure, it’s also mobile-friendly – so all of the above can be checked while on the go.

Improving consistency and efficiency with translation memory

Our translation memory and terminology management software are further tools that offer time and cost-efficiency benefits.

Supporting the work of our professional translators and proofreaders, these tools store words, phrases and subject-specific terminology, identifying them when re-used to improve consistency of translation within and between files.

Delivering a high-quality service ultimately comes down to the people. Having a dedicated team, skilled and experienced in managing your projects, and backed up by the latest in translation technology, we aim to give our clients the support they need to grow successfully in global markets.

Want to know more? Then get in touch with the Mission Translate team today. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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