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Translators in conflict zones: Ukraine

Translators in conflict zones: Ukraine refugee, fence, conflict

In times of crisis, interpreters and translators play a vital role in helping communication across language barriers. It can often be a dangerous and emotionally challenging role that can go unnoticed by the wider public, but it is one that can save lives.   With the terrible situation in Ukraine continuing, we wanted to share […]

5 Top Translation Podcasts

5 Top Translation Podcasts

In an industry as fast-paced and demanding as language services, podcasts can be a perfect tool for linguists to keep up with the continuous changes in translation. Lately, in our Sunday LinkedIn series #TranslatorsEssentials, we have been recommending several podcasts for translators to gain insights from experts and get informed about the latest updates. Among […]

Translation: Getting the Best Results from Your Language Service Provider

Translation: Getting the Best Results from Your Language Service Provider

Translating your content into the local language of your target market is a proven way of attracting more interest in your products and services. As a language service provider, Mission Translate will always work to ensure you receive the best results possible for your translation; however there are also certain things you can do when […]

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