Translation Memory Software

How it works

Translation memory software reviews your document and identifies words or phrases that have already been translated in the file or any of your previous projects and provides the translator with suggested translations to consider.

It is not machine translation

Translation memory software is different from machine translation. It searches your memory of files to offer translated words and phrases that match those that have been previously completed by a human translator. Our human translators are then required to verify that these suggestions have been correctly sourced.

What content is it suitable for?

Translation Memory Software is suitable for use across any kind of content, but its benefits are more substantial when the file contains large amounts of text and where words and phrases have been repeated or partially-repeated. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Large websites
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Monthly reports
  • Contracts
  • Company documentation with repeated phrases that communicate their brand

The benefits to you

Translation memory software offers benefits at every stage of your translation project.

The Request Stage

Your own client portal

Your own personalised log in area, where you can access all your stored details and project activity – current and historic.

Safe and secure

Only accessible with your unique username and password, you can be assured of complete confidentiality and data protection.

Quick and easy to make a quote request

Fill out a quote request form and upload files with ease, informing our team directly of your requirement.

The Project Management Stage

A personalised response

We like to keep our service personal, so you will still receive a personalised email from our team, or a telephone call, where appropriate, to confirm the details of your project and agree a quote.

Easy access to projects details

Log into your portal at any time to view all the critical details of your project, including deadlines, word count, quote and updates.

Progress tracking with ease

Track your project’s progress in your client area, as and when you wish.

Make changes with ease

Add any updates to your project and our project managers and linguists will be immediately informed.

Direct access to your complete translation

Receive notification when your translation is complete and access it directly from your portal. Of course, if you prefer it via email, we can do that too!

The Translation Stage

Improved consistency

Previously translated terms are recognised and used to ensure consistency of translation throughout your current file and across any of your previously completed translations.

Improved efficiency

By having access to translation memory, the speed at which our translators and proofreaders can work is increased, meaning you get your translation quicker!

Control of your on-brand phrasing and terminology

The translation memory is unique to your account, meaning your preferences for translated terms are stored and carried forward across all your translation projects.

Reduced costs

Any ‘exact matches’ reduces the time required to work on a translation and therefore, reduces the cost. A benefit that will be reflected in your quote.

Use of historic translation memory to maximise the benefits

Your translation memory, and the benefits in consistency, speed and cost that it can offer, grow the more projects we do together.
Upload any previous translation memory you have and you can maximise those benefits immediately!

Complete confidentiality and data protection

Once uploaded, translation memory files are deleted and stored on the software purely as a translation glossary. Files cannot then be extracted, ensuring complete confidentiality and file security.

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