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At Mission Translate, we make your analysis of audio a straightforward process with our high-quality, quick turnaround and easy-to-use audio transcription service.

Our knowledge and experience with audio transcription projects means that we understand the intricacies of the work involved and excel on delivering on accuracy, quality and efficiency for our clients.

We offer great value on the following types of transcription:

Foreign Language to English
Foreign Language to Foreign Language
English to English

Transcription: Audio to Written with Ease

Any content converted

Any content converted

No matter what form your audio takes, Mission Translate can produce a transcript, formatted to suit your exact requirements.

One to one in-depth interviews, focus group sessions, lectures, podcasts or court hearings are just a few examples of the types of audio content Mission Translate is experienced in transcribing. One speaker or many, video or pure audio, we can assist, providing you with a high-quality transcript ready for your analysis.

Accuracy in all its subtleties

Accuracy in all its subtleties

No misunderstandings, no miscommunication

We know that sometimes it is the subtle details that reveal the most information.

Our professional, sector-experienced transcribers put accuracy at the top of their priorities and ensure that all content is accurately transcribed, so you have the full picture of the conversation and can draw valid conclusions from the data provided.

Your choice for ease of analysis

Your information your way (for ease of analysis)

With our bespoke approach to service delivery, Mission Translation can produce your data to meet your exact specifications, giving you ease of its analysis.

This may include determining the frequency of time coding, the layout, intelligent or full verbatim or any other specific requirements.


Love transcripts, hate inaudibles

Love transcripts, hate inaudibles

With expert transcribers, audio enhancement software and our meticulous approach, we will ensure that what can be heard will be heard.

Any initial inaudibles marked on a transcript will always be verified against the audio quality with the aim of eliminating them, as far as possible.

No inaudible will get past our team without being questioned!

Limitless language options

Limitless language options

We will help you to access data from any dialogue across the world, so you have all the information you require to guide your next business choice.

With over 250 languages on our database, we offer transcription services from source language to target language in almost any combination you require.

Speed is of the essence

Speed is of the essence

We know you’re under pressure to deliver fast too! Let us take the strain!

Mission Translate appreciates the demands that are placed on these types of projects and sometimes content is needed fast.

With our specialisation in delivering this service, we have the structure in place to offer a short turnaround service, taking the stress away from your own clients’ demands.

Recruitment and screening processes

Recruitment and screening processes

With quality of transcription relying heavily on the linguists selected, Mission Translate only works experienced, professional transcribers, who specialise in their industry sector and with our robust processes in place to recruit and screen for transcribers, we will always deliver at the highest possible level.

Your data is safe with us

Your data is safe with us

Mission Translate has a strict policy on confidentiality, therefore you can be assured that your files will be safely stored, handled and delivered with no breach of your privacy.

Our processes for success

Mission Translate appreciates the complexities of audio transcription and how this can impact the results of a project.

However, we have honed our knowledge and skills over a wide range of projects and languages and have a thorough understanding of its requirements.

We work with an expert team of highly skilled transcribers, specialising in their industry sector and with our quality control measures in place, you can be certain of a high-quality, hassle-free transcription service when working with us.

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