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Our experience and knowledge in providing quality language services to medical and pharmaceutical companies has assisted their growth on a global scale.

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Our processes for success

We appreciate that with increasingly strict and complex regulations and compliance laws, the utmost accuracy, alongside a full and up-to-date knowledge of specialist terms and protocols is vital when delivering language solutions within the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

How do Mission Translate deliver to this standard?

  • Use of native, medical and pharmaceutical specialist linguists with the most update technical knowledge
  • Our processes have the stamp of approval in Quality standards (ISO 9001:2015) and Translation services (ISO 17100:2015)
  • Partnering with the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA) and European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMrA).
  • Understanding the end-goal of the brief and clearly communicating this to our linguists
  • Working with translation memory software to ensure consistent translation of all technical terms within and across your projects.

With these elements in place, alongside our bespoke approach and dedication to delivering the best possible language service, Mission Translate has enabled our clients to thrive in new global markets.


How do we provide our clients with a successful translation that is their key to accessing the global market?

Accuracy is of the utmost importance

We take this responsibility seriously and put all the necessary measures in place to deliver the best possible quality file.

Expertise in the industry

With life-changing wider consequences at stake, we only work with highly qualified, sector-experienced translators to guarantee that all terminology and medical processes are fully understood and translated correctly and all translations are fully compliant with the industry’s strict regulations.

Rigorous quality control

All files, once translated, are meticulously proofread by a translator of the same standard to ensure maximum accuracy in the final piece. Mission Translate also has in place a number of quality control measures to ensure the proofreader is completely thorough with their work.

Proven and trusted

Mission Translate has long-term, working relationships with globally recognised medical and pharmaceutical companies. With this expertise in the sector, Mission Translate is proven in its delivery of a high-quality, punctual service that you can rely on.

Wide range of languages

 Mission Translate has over 250 languages on our database and so can assist with the translation of your content for any of your target markets.


Timing and deadlines

Mission Translate fully recognises the importance of your deadlines and how delivering a file on time can have a wider impact on your business and its processes. We have strict procedures in place to keep all our linguists on track and to ensure your files are delivered on time.

Use of translation memory software

Translation memory software achieves better consistency within and across projects; essential for accurate translation of technical terminology and processes. Turnaround times are reduced, as translations are completed more efficiently, meaning we can also reduce our fees.

IS_Medical and Pharma_What can we help with

What can we help with?

Our language service includes, but is not limited to, assistance with the following translation requirements:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical product and device development, including research documentation, case study reports, clinical trials and patents.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical marketing material, including product packaging, leaflets, website content and brochures, as well as interpreting at seminars and focus groups.
  • Using our expertise in the industry, Mission Translate also provides a consulting service for assistance with global regulatory compliance.

Find out more about how we manage the quality control of our translations and ensure our clients are fully satisfied.


Medical expertise to ensure accuracy in your transcripts

We work with professional medical and pharmaceutical transcribers, who have the most up-to-date knowledge and technical understanding to deliver high-quality, accurate transcripts that provide you with the insight into your market that you require, fast.

With this expertise behind the transcriptions of your audio content, you can be confident that the conclusions drawn are valid and can reliably assist you in your next business activities.

Flexibility in format and delivery

Our flexible approach to service delivery means that we can transcribe any dialogue, whatever format it takes, and then present it in the format to suit your exact specifications, using your templates or creating a bespoke one for your project.

Quick-turnaround to meet urgent requirements

In this fast-paced industry, time is precious and so the measures we put in place will ensure you always receive an efficient, high-quality service every time.

Find out more about how we deliver quality and efficiency in our transcripts.

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From a doctor-patient meeting to a research committee reviewing a clinical trial application, we have qualified, medical interpreters to assist.

Fully-qualified, medical specialist interpreters

At Mission Translate, we have experienced, fully-qualified interpreters ready to attend your appointment and assist with communication between you and your client.

Sensitivity and confidentiality

Our interpreters are trained to work with vulnerable people with total sensitivity and complete confidentiality in any scenario that is required. Whether it is a home visit from a health professional or a focus group meeting on a drug trial, you can be assured that Mission Translate will match your case to an interpreter who will assist you, professionally enabling successful communication between you and your clients.

Find out more about how source the most effective interpreters for your sessions.

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