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Global solutions for your qualitative and quantitative research projects including: Online Data Collection – In-depth Interviews – Focus Groups- Telephone Interviews – Open-ended Survey Responses – Mystery Shopping

The end-game is we enable you to deliver more accurate and reliable data and analysis to your customers, quicker and more cost-effectively.

How you can benefit

Mission Translate’s approach to new business is always to offer additional value wherever possible, by improving on quality of delivery, service and cost where opportunities are available.

Some of the main areas where we have been able to add value for our clients include:

Dedication to a premium quality service

Our service quality is of paramount importance to us and we will do whatever possible to get the job done to the highest standard. We treat every project, large or small, with the same amount of care, always aiming to surpass your expectations.

Reducing turnaround times for translations/transcriptions

Keeping your clients happy with an efficient turnaround time and a strict adherence to deadlines.

Specialist linguists to deliver quality for each project’s focus

Understanding of the subject matter is vital. We only work with linguists who specialise in the subject of your research.


Our drive for quality: All work we do is proofread

A second opinion leads to a better translation! All our work is checked carefully to ensure the highest possible standards.

Localisation: To achieve the collection of valid data

Our native translators localise your text, so that it is appropriately received by your respondents and there is an accurate understanding the objectives of your research.

No inaudibles are left unquestioned

The meticulous approach and audio enhancement software we use ensures that everything that can be heard WILL be heard!

Excellent communication throughout

With a dedicated, U.K. based project manager as your point of contact throughout the project; we will ensure you are fully up-to-date on the progress made.

Helping you gather research from any global market

With our comprehensive database of professional, experienced linguists, covering over 250 languages, we can provide the connection to almost any market you require data for.

Proven in the industry

We enjoy successful, long-standing and harmonious working relationships with numerous high-profile market research clients. Our experience and understanding of your industry means we are fully-equipped to deliver on your requirement

Free Consulting Services

Our free-of-charge consulting services help you to decide on the best solution for your project.

The stamp of approval

Our processes have the ISO stamp of approval

Quality standards (ISO 9001:2015)

Translation services (ISO 17100:2015)


Mission Translate has a wealth of experience in providing high-quality translation services for any purpose that our clients require.

Whether your data collection is qualitative or quantitative, we will provide your data in any format required for ease of your analysis.

Extra Benefits with No Additional Costs

Mission Translate provides its clients with a final translation that is ready-to-use for the purpose intended.

We will present your data in any format, using templates or populating spreadsheets to meet your exact requirements. This comes free of any additional charge, as part of our service.

Demand For Perfection Proofreading as Standard

The clients we work with demand perfection in our translation, and that is what we deliver!

All translation work is proofread by an equally-qualified, subject specialist translator to ensure maximum accuracy in the final piece.

Proofreaders are incentivised to find errors, and deliberate errors are placed in to any translated text to be proofread as a failsafe to make sure proofreaders are completely thorough.

Capacity for over 250 languages

Our extensive database of professional, experienced translators covers over 250 languages and dialects, connecting you to your research participants across the world.

Specialist Translators

We will allocate your project request to a translator, with specialist subject knowledge. This will ensure a complete understanding of the topic, its industry-specific terminology and the purpose of the text. Essential!

Use of translation memory software for improved consistency, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Our use of translation memory software improves consistency within and across projects; vital for effective translation of technical terminology and brand messages. Translations are also completed more efficiently; allowing for faster turnaround times and reduced costs.

Find out more on the benefits of translation memory software.

Proofreading and Editing

As a standalone service

At Mission Translate, quality is our top concern, therefore, all our translations are proofread as standard.

However, if you require proofreading or editing as a standalone service, Mission Translate are more than happy to assist.

This may include ensuring survey questions are localised appropriately for your target market or editing verbatim to provide client-ready versions.

Just let us know your brief and our experienced linguists can check and edit your files to ensure they are fit for purpose.

No such thing as a minor error

Handily, we’ve written the book on how quality language services have a wider impact on global market research projects! Read it here

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Can you repeat the question?

Localisation is indisputably important in translation for market research projects because if your respondents don’t understand the questions, their responses will be skewed.

Our localisation experts understand how to phrase a question, so it is received by the respondent with the purpose intended. Furthermore, they take care to ensure questions are not translated to be leading or biased, thus providing responses you can trust.

Equally, localising the responses in the same appropriate manner will allow you to have a complete understanding of your data and thus be able to provide your client with an accurate assessment of their chosen target market.


Audio to written with ease

If your data collection takes an audio format, for example via in-depth interviews, focus groups or telephone interviews, Mission Translate’s extensive database of highly skilled transcribers are ready to assist.

It takes a specialist

We only work with experienced, professional transcribers, who have the skills and necessary equipment to deliver a transcript that meets our exacting standards.

Rigorous quality control

All transcripts go through a meticulous checking process before getting final approval to be sent to our clients.

What information do you want to see?

Our team will follow your exact project requirements to ensure your transcript is presented ready-for-use. This may include using full verbatim or intelligent verbatim, time codes at specified intervals, or entering the data into a predetermined template.

Limitless language options

With over 250 languages on our database, we offer transcription services from source language to target language in almost any combination you require.

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Market Research Coding


Foreign language verbatim coding for a swifter process

Remove the need for verbatim translation and go direct to code for a time and cost-efficient solution.

Our experienced coders can create a bespoke codeframe to suit the exact needs of your project, or are equally happy to use an established codeframe you already have in place for your data analysis.

With experience in a range of subject areas, our coders are able to provide you with provide you with quick, fuss-free access to the data from your multilingual survey responses.

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