Market Research Translation, Language & Insight Services

Market research language services include a wide variety of translation, recruitment, moderation and content analysis support. As a market research translation agency in the UK, we work global businesses on their market research language projects.


We offer a complete suite of professional services from a friendly team of experts. Content analysis for market research is a key service when analysing your research findings, delivering targeted insights from multiple languages. As a market research transcription company, we will help you transfer all the text from your audio files to text in a written format. We also utilise our market research translation services in the UK to provide clear, unambiguous translations that give you a clear understanding of your international markets.

Market Research Services

  • Participant Recruitment

    Our participant recruitment service uses proven recruitment and screening processes to ensure market researchers have access to high-quality, relevant respondents who offer valid insights for their research studies.

  • Moderation and content analysis.

    We source experienced moderators to lead your research sessions, gathering valid and targeted insights from the participants that achieve your objectives. Our expert content analysts can then provide in-depth reporting of the data, delivering valuable content analysis for your end client.

  • Interpreting

    Our simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services allow market researchers to gain first-hand, real-time access to participants' insights in other languages, whether interpreting a conversation as it occurs (simultaneous) or providing back-and-forth interpretation between two people across a language barrier (consecutive).

  • Translation

    With our high-quality market research translation service, your key resources, including online surveys, discussion guides or insight reports, can be accessed by other markets. Study data, such as open-ended responses, can also be translated to provide you with an accurate version of your data, ready for analysis.

  • Transcription

    Our meticulous transcription services create accurate written records of the audio recordings of your sessions, such as in-depth interviews or focus groups, to allow for further analysis. Our sector-specialist linguists can transcribe the audio in the same language or transcribe and translate the data from the source language to a target language.

  • Coding

    With our coding services, open-ended responses can be quickly and accurately categorised according to the specific criteria of your market research study. These tailored digital code frameworks categorise responses automatically, improving efficiency, especially when they are large volumes of data.

Sectors we operate in

  • Market Research

    Partnering closely with you to deliver high-quality, timely analysis that strengthens end-client relationships.

  • Legal

    Trusted in accuracy, tailored for your ease and efficiency, we provide language solutions for all of your multi-jurisdictional matters.

  • Marketing & Advertising

    Combining creativity and local market knowledge to mirror your brand message and replicate its impact worldwide.

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

    Meticulous care to provide the highest level of technical accuracy, supporting you in drug and treatment development that enhances lives.

  • Learning & Development

    Supporting your learners worldwide to achieve their objectives through expertly localised and interactive course content.

  • Gaming

    Bringing your games to life for multilingual audiences via in-depth market knowledge and creative localisation.

Sectors we operate in


Our Language Services

  • Translation and Proofreading

    High-quality reproduction of the source language text in a target language.

  • Localisation

    Adapting the tone, style and phrasing of your communication to suit cultural differences in distinct markets.

  • Transcription

    Meticulous and efficient transfer of speech in an audio file into accurate and with fast turnarounds.

  • Interpreting

    Leveraging the skills of simultaneous or consecutive interpreters to facilitate transferring your verbal communication from one language to another.

  • Video Localisation

    Adapting your video content to engage multilingual audiences and communicate with clients, co-workers and business associates.

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