Ipsen Case Study: Delivering an Integrated Translation Solution

October 20, 2022

In 2021, Ipsen, a biopharmaceutical company, contacted Mission Translate for support with the simplification and improved accuracy of their translation projects.

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The brief:

To support the Ipsen global teams to:

  1. Build a more consistent, replicable language services process.
  2. Improve the efficiency and delivery speed of translation services.
  3. Deliver above 95% accuracy of translations.
  4. Build innovative solutions and technology into outdated systems.
  5. Drive forward a symbiotic business partnership.


The challenges:

  • No existing centralised support solution
  • Onboarding several international teams into one effective process
  • Building a highly complex translation memory


research , pharma

Our Solution:

 We implemented a 4-stage programme to guarantee the success of Ipsen’s language projects:


  • Exploration and relationship building

After a targeted discovery process, a permanent, dedicated support team was created for Ipsen projects, integrating the client’s local team members into our internal workstreams.

  • Improving and tracking high-quality outputs

Developing clear proofreading, translation memory and rigorous onboarding processes allowed us to improve the quality and efficiency of all services.

  • Clear, easy-to-use supply solutions

A structured brief, review and approval process was delivered internationally, allowing workstreams to run seamlessly between projects and borders.

  • Bespoke, proprietary project management tech

Using our personalised MT Hub project management platform, communication is instant and easy to access for all. The Ipsen team have full visibility of project progress, and translation files are managed securely and efficiently.


Client feedback:

“The Mission Translate team provided fantastic attention to detail, creativity and pace when delivering this integrated translation solution for me. I found them very enjoyable to work with, and nothing was too much trouble. Our teams are very pleased with the outcome, and we are reaping the benefits of this new working relationship already.”

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