Introducing MTHub: Our New, Bespoke Client Portal

November 13, 2020

At Mission Translate, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible service for our clients. We want to make your lives easier, with more efficient methods of contacting us and hassle-free ways to check in on your translation projects. Safe in the knowledge that your translation project is being looked after, we want to give you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

This objective led to the development of MTHub; a client portal, tailored-made for your needs and using cutting-edge technology to offer you a more effective and time-saving way of collaborating with us on your translation projects.

Let’s take a tour…

Starting a new project

Each of our clients is given a unique, log-in area where all their data, communication and files can be accessed. Logging in here, you can request new projects and quotes fast. Sharing this space to communicate with us directly and instantaneously, you can provide us with the full details of your project, which we can use to determine every aspect of your brief. Storing all this information in one place ensures that everyone is working from the same page, and any queries are quickly and easily addressed.

A project in progress

We know how essential project updates are. With end-clients asking you the same question, being kept in the loop and having information available as and when requested is hugely valuable.

MTHub allows you to log in at any time and check on the progress of your translation project. You can see if it has been translated, whether it’s been passed on for review or if it’s in the final stages of quality control checks by our project management team.

We appreciate too that sometimes things change, and amendments need to be made partway through the translation process. Emails can get messy; making sure the right person receives the correct information and is working from the latest version of your file. MTHub is extremely useful in this situation. Changes can be communicated in this centralised area, so you are confident that they’ve been received and being implemented right away.

And when your file is ready, you can download it right from the portal. But if you prefer, we can email it to you too!

Your translation memory

In your secure client area, you’ll also find your translation memory. Glossaries of industry terminology, brand-specific terms or tone of voice vocabulary can be uploaded to ensure accuracy and consistency within and across all of your translation projects. Your translation memory is unique and will build to become more comprehensive as we work on more translation projects together.

Invoicing and payment tracking

The benefits of MTHub don’t stop with the management of your project; you can check your invoice history too. View invoices raised and track payments that have been made with ease.


We’ve all had to adjust our ways of working recently, and if you need to check in on your projects while on the go, you can do so with ease using MTHub on your mobile. You’ll have access to all the same data and functionality, and as a mobile-responsive portal, it provides a good user experience too.

Data security and confidentiality

We appreciate the sensitivity and confidentiality of your data and have always taken the utmost care in protecting it. MTHub is no different. The portal is completely secure and only accessible via your unique log-in, meaning your files, data and communication are kept safe.

We’re very excited to be rolling out MTHub to all our clients. So if you’re yet to hear from us and would like to know more, please get in contact with our team, and we can start setting up your client account.

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