As more and more businesses today operate on a global level, thanks to increased digital connectivity, the need for the best translation agency to help them communicate across language barriers has become ever-more vital.

Deciding which company is the best translation agency will differ for every business due to their unique requirements and objectives. However, there are some common areas that should be considered when seeking a suitable translation provider.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll look at the key factors that will help you determine which company is the best translation agency for your needs and how you can evaluate these elements.

In part one below, we cover quality control and client service.

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Quality control

When you engage with a translation agency, you effectively put your global communication in their hands. How they translate your information will affect how people interact with your business, whether it’s your customers, staff or other stakeholders.

It is, therefore, crucial that they have established methods of quality control.

When looking for the best translation agency, there are ways you can assess how they manage the quality of their delivery:

Linguist selection

Ask your potential translation agency how they select their translators. What criteria do the translators have to meet, and what is the selection process?

A high-quality translation agency will only partner with fully qualified linguists (usually to at least degree-level) who are native to the target language and have demonstrated experience in their specialist field of translation. They should also be asked to pass a translation test and provide professional references.

Internal quality assurance

What processes does the translation provider employ to ensure the translation delivery is of a high standard? For example, translated documents should always be edited and proofread by an independent linguist who is fully qualified, too.


You can also look for accreditation for quality. The industry-recognised standard for quality control is ISO 17100:2015 for translation services. Meanwhile, ISO 9001:2015 is for more general quality management standards.

Mission Translate prides itself on providing a high-quality translation service. We employ all the quality control standards described above (and more) when providing these services for our clients.

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Client service

Excellent customer service makes a difference across any business interaction. When seeking the best translation agency, many of our clients have it as one of their top priorities.

When you have ongoing translation requirements, you need a translation partner that is responsive, reliable and flexible in fulfilling your needs. The team should be proactive in their communication, ensuring your translation project runs smoothly while not leaving you wondering about its progress.

Meeting deadlines is also an essential element of providing good client service. A translation agency should recognise the significance of your deadlines and have processes in place to ensure they can meet them. For many businesses, it is also important that translation agencies can offer quick turnaround times so they can communicate efficiently with their global audiences and react promptly to any changing circumstances.

You can learn a lot about a translation agency’s approach to client service on its website. However, to be fully confident in determining their approach, it is vital to speak to their team.

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These are just two factors worth evaluating when determining which translation agency is the best for your business. In part two, next week, we cover specialisation, reputation and credibility, availability and the use of technology.

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