How survey translation services in the UK can support your market research

January 10, 2023

Survey translation services in the UK can help you get a complete and accurate understanding of your target market’s response to your products and services, wherever in the world they are based.

In this blog, we take a closer look at what survey translation is, how it can help you grow your business and why translation accuracy is critical for achieving the best results for your market research.

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What is survey translation?

Market surveys are used as tools to gather crucial feedback from target markets on a brand’s products or services. By understanding their audiences’ requirements, responses and opinions, brands can improve user experience, develop business opportunities, guide marketing strategies and avoid potential pitfalls.

Website surveys supporting online quantitative market research are a common method of obtaining this data. However, market surveys can also be used during focus group sessions, where more qualitative research data is typically gathered.

Whichever method is used when conducting a market research survey, if it is directed to a non-native target market, the information should be translated into the participants’ first language to deliver accurate results.

Survey translation involves translating the questions in a survey and the study’s supporting information into the required target languages. It can also entail translating the survey answers back to the source language if the responses are open-ended.

How can survey translation in the UK help grow your business worldwide?

Survey translation services in the UK can help market research agencies and their end clients better understand their worldwide target audiences.

As a UK-based survey translation service provider, we offer translation and editing services in over 140 languages, supported in more than 100 markets, meaning we can provide high-quality translations of your survey into almost any target language needed.

By translating your surveys into the native language of your target audiences, you can be sure that your respondents fully understand your survey’s questions. Furthermore, by providing the opportunity for participants to respond in their native language, they can give more comprehensive answers that will better help you with your business decisions, product and service development and strategies for supporting growth in these markets.

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Why is high-quality survey translation important?

As a specialist translation provider for the market research sector, we appreciate the time and effort you put into designing your market research surveys. We realise the nuances in your questions are critical to your project’s objectives and that these subtleties must be accurately conveyed in the translations.

The translation of your survey questions needs to mirror the style of the originals and accurately communicate every detail to gather valid data for the study. With high-quality translations, you can be sure misunderstandings are avoided, and all the required information can be collected from your target market.

To achieve this level of accuracy and appropriate language use when providing our survey translation services, we only engage with native, in-country linguists specialising in the subject studied. We also employ ISO-approved quality control processes to ensure you can rely on our translation services for accurate results.

What other support can Mission Translate offer you for your market research studies?

As well as offering translation and localisation services for all your market research tools, including surveys and open-ended responses, discussion guides, insights reports and other supporting documents, we provide a full suite of services that can support your project requirements.

These include transcription, content analysis, simultaneous translation, recruitment, moderation and coding.

If you’d like to speak to our team about how we can help you with accessing the opinions of your global audiences for your next research study, please get in contact with our team.

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