How specialist technical translation services deliver better quality

September 26, 2022

If you require a technical document translation, or a copy with a high percentage of technical vocabulary to be translated, then it is wise to engage with a technical translation services provider. With this expertise, you can be assured of receiving a high-quality, accurate result, which will help you gain better authority from your global audience.


This blog takes a closer look at what a technical document translation is and explores the benefits of working with specialist scientific and technical translation services.

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What is a Technical Translation?


Scientific and technical translation is the process of translating documents and information that are of a scientific or technical nature. Content within these documents is typically packed with a lot of specialist terminologies and may reference certain processes, items or standards that are not in everyday use.


Technical document translations can be found in industries such as engineering, manufacturing, electronics and computing. Medical, pharmaceutical and legal translations could also be considered technical. However, they are often addressed in their own distinct categories.


Technical document translation services cover quite a broad spectrum of file types. A few examples that may be considered technical translations are: user manuals and handbooks, patents, product descriptions, research papers, software strings or datasheets.

Why do these documents require a specialist technical translation services provider?


As described above, there is a wide variety of subject areas where you might require technical translation services, and each of these subjects will use distinct specialist terminology. A complete understanding of these terms usually requires an expert in the field who also has the linguistic skills to communicate the information correctly in the new target language.


Often these files will be made available to the public, especially stakeholders in the relevant industry who may have a vested interest in the information produced. Industry leaders, authorities, governing bodies or businesses may make decisions and take action based on the translated documents. Therefore, ensuring the translation is accurate is fundamental.


Errors in technical translation will not only cause loss of confidence and embarrassment but could also result in legal implications and potentially hefty fines. Depending on the subject matter and purpose of the document, an inaccurate translation could even put the health and safety of individuals at risk.


With the challenges and potentially significant implications of delivering an accurate technical document translation, it is highly recommended to work with a professional technical translation services provider who specialises in the relevant field.

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How do specialist technical translation services providers ensure a high level of quality?


Technical translators

To deliver a high-quality translation, a translator should always be native to the target language and an experienced and fully qualified linguist.


For accurate technical translation, translators should also have proven specialist knowledge in the field. They may have worked hands-on in the industry or studied to a high level in the subject area. This sector-specialist knowledge will help ensure that they are fully familiar with the terminology and understand how to translate it appropriately for different markets.

Terminology management software

Professional translation services providers understand the importance of not only accuracy in the translation process but only consistency. Computer-assisted translation tools, such as terminology management software, will efficiently deliver this consistency.


By uploading a client’s bespoke translation memory files, translators can use the software to identify terms in the document on which they are working that have been previously translated and apply these translations to ensure consistency within the file and across multiple files. These tools also enhance the translators’ efficiency by increasing their speed of work.

Quality accreditations

When working with a professional specialist technical translation services provider, you should also be able to verify their quality accreditations.


For technical translation services providers in the UK and over 160 other countries worldwide, ISO (the International Organisation for Standardisation) is the recognised authority for quality standards. ISO 9001 is the quality standard, awarded based on a company’s ability to address seven quality management principles, including process approach, improvement and evidence-based decision-making.

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Mission Translate is a provider of technical translation services. We also operate globally with offices and project management teams across the time zones. We only work with fully qualified, native, sector-specialist translators and proofreaders and use the latest translation memory and terminology management software to ensure we can deliver high-quality, consistent outputs as efficiently as possible.


Whether delivering technical translation services in the UK or for clients based worldwide, our project managers will take the utmost care in providing you with a first-rate, tailored service that satisfies all your requirements.


Please get in contact with our team with any queries on your technical translation service requirements.





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