Mission Translate Signs Partnership Agreement with Cohaesus Group

septembre 14, 2021

Insight-led digital experiences development company Cohaesus Group have recently announced their partnership with Mission Translate, a Global language solutions provider.

As leaders in strategy, design and optimisation of digital products and services delivered to support clients’ growth, Cohaesus Group found a natural synergy with Mission Translate, which also helps drive clients’ success in global markets via their language and research services. In partnership, these two brands seek to provide clients with added value via their enhanced range of services.

David Lamont, Global Sales Director for Mission Translate, comments, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Cohaesus and feel that, together, our services will open up new exciting avenues of Global expansion for their clients.”

Cohaesus uses insight and data to develop strategies, design experiences and build platforms for their clients with the aim of exceeding end customers’ expectations. With its range of language and research solutions, Mission Translate has the expertise to expand the scope of services Cohaesus offers. Leveraging its high-quality translation, localisation and transcreation services, Mission Translate can help Cohaesus’s clients engage new global markets, ensuring their brand and product messaging resonates with different target audiences.

About Mission Translate

Mission Translate takes a client-oriented approach in our delivery of high-quality language services via superior project management. Partnering closely with our clients, we provide quality outputs, with quick turnaround and clear communication.

Notre équipe est réputée pour ne pas compter ses efforts afin de s'assurer que nous dépassons vos attentes. Nos clients apprécient notre approche proactive, axée sur les solutions et utile. Cela leur donne l'assurance que leurs projets sont entre de bonnes mains et que chaque aspect est méticuleusement soigné.

We care passionately about doing things right for you, appreciating the impact our work has on your business, its client relationships and reputation, and taking this responsibility seriously. We want you to feel like we’re working with you, like your in-house team, and are as committed to achieving success for your business as you are.

About Cohaesus Group

Cohaesus Group was created in 2021 to enable clients to deliver their vision and achieve sustainable growth through seamlessly connected specialist MarTech Services that allow us to provide quality and value – at pace and at scale. The group is growing quickly with Cohaesus, a strategic, experience-led agency as our flagship. We believe that we work better together, underpinned by our guiding principles; to share and support our agency capabilities with our clients, strive to add value and always move forward.

  • UK: +44 (0) 121 296 9870

  • US: +1 (347) 391 0672

Bureau européen :

Kandoy House, 2 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3, D03 R8P3

  • EU: +44 (0) 121 296 9870

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