Cracking the Code: How Language Services Elevate Content Analysis for Market Research

August 18, 2023

In our data-driven era, the power of content analysis services has taken centre stage for obtaining actionable insights. However, when language poses a barrier, these insights can be more challenging to access. In our blog this week, we delve into how language services and content analysis interweave to overcome these challenges, exploring how these combined services enable a wider scope for valuable insights across different markets while boosting research accuracy and efficacy.

Content analysis

What is Content Analysis?

Content analysis is a research methodology that involves systematically analysing and interpreting the content of textual, visual, or audio materials to identify patterns, themes, and insights. It aims to extract meaningful information from collected data by applying predefined codes or categories, helping researchers gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and draw informed conclusions.

You can read more about what is content analysis and what are the different types of content analysis in our previous blog: Content Analysis: Exploring the different analysis stages and reporting options.

The Challenge of Content Analysis

Before we unravel the benefits of language services, let’s understand the challenge at hand. As market researchers, you’re tasked with sifting through mountains of textual data sourced from methods such as in-depth interviews, focus groups and online questions, with the goal of uncovering the golden nuggets that can drive your clients’ strategies.

However, distilling the relevant information can be a formidable task, akin to finding a needle in a haystack. This task is where content analysis services can support you, providing experienced analysts skilled and efficient at seeking out the valuable data relevant to your study.

But what happens if this data is not in your native language? Then, the challenge is compounded to new levels.

Market Research

A Global Market Requires a Multilingual Approach

Today’s world is a global market, with business transactions crossing borders with ease, thanks to the advances in digital technology. However, to engage new global target markets successfully, brands need an in-depth understanding of their preferences, expectations and behaviours.

Whether you’re using interviews, focus groups or questionnaires to obtain this data, conducting these activities in the market’s native language will enable more valid insights. Localising your research methods ensures that differences in cultural norms and dialect subtleties are identified and communication is personalised for the audience.

But then you face the challenge of foreign language content analysis.

The Options of Content Analysis Services

When faced with foreign language research data, both content analysis and translation expertise are required. To extract the relevant insights for your study, you have two options:

  1. Transcribe and translate the raw data, then carry out the content analysis.
  2. Use direct, in-language content analysis, where a native, bilingual analyst performs the content analysis directly on the raw data and then provides the answers in English.

Option one provides a full transcript of the data in native and target languages, which may be valuable for later reference.

Meanwhile, option two significantly improves the content analysis process’s efficiency (and, usually, the cost). With native analysts reviewing your data, it typically also means that the nuances of your participants’ responses are better picked up, providing more insightful information for your end clients.

Whichever option is best for your study, having a partner that can deliver these combined services means that language is no longer a challenge and content analysis is no longer a chore. Instead, you can support your clients in extending their research to global markets with ease, accuracy and efficiency and provide them with the insights needed to create effective strategies for their brands.

Content analysis

Mission Translate partners with numerous market research agencies and is highly experienced in supporting them with their global content analysis needs. We work with specialist native content analysts who know how to deliver valid insights that fulfil a client’s brief successfully.

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