Additional Digital Services


Technical support to enhance the quality and efficiency of your online activity

File Engineering


Link Checks

Desktop Publishing (DTP)


Additional Digital Services


Our range of digital services introduces ease to your project management and covers every aspect of your multilingual requirements. This completes our one-stop-shop approach and enables you to source everything you need from one place.


We ensure you receive a high-quality end product, which is efficiently delivered to meet your needs perfectly by working with multilingual digital specialists and taking a bespoke approach to your project requirements.

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Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services


Translating content often necessitates changes to its layout and format. Our linguists work closely with experienced desktop publishers to ensure a professional finish in the design of your digital or print content that is as consistent as possible with the original.

We have the specialist software to work with your files in any format and can return them either in the same format or an alternative, according to your requirements. Either way, the files will be polished and ready for use in your multilingual markets.

Online Quality Assurance


Provide a seamless, high-quality experience for your users when accessing your online multilingual content or participating in your digital research with our three quality control services:

  • File Engineering

    Our specialist engineers use localisation tools to prepare your files pre-translation and then confirm an error-free reintegration of the translated text before the final product is delivered.

  • Overlay

    To ensure complete consistency with your original survey, we leverage our custom-built code verifying tool to check the integrity of the programming text within its translated version.

  • Link Checks

    In the final step of quality assurance, our sector-specialist linguists meticulously verify each option in your online user journey to check that all paths are correctly linked.

In-Language, Direct-to-English Coding

We add speed and convenience to your online quantitative data collection and analysis with our in-language coding solution.

With your guidance and clear insights into the objectives of your project, our experienced coders design bespoke code frames, which code directly from the source language open-ends into English.


Every code frame undergoes our careful quality assurance processes, so you can be confident of receiving complete and valid data for your analysis.

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