5 Top Translation Podcasts

September 29, 2021

In an industry as fast-paced and demanding as language services, podcasts can be a perfect tool for linguists to keep up with the continuous changes in translation. Lately, in our Sunday LinkedIn series #TranslatorsEssentials, we have been recommending several podcasts for translators to gain insights from experts and get informed about the latest updates.

Among all the fantastic options catering to the needs and interests of translators and interpreters, here are our top 5 podcasts:

Marketing Tips for Translators

Tess Whitty is a freelance translator with experience in the marketing field who advises freelance linguists on growing their businesses and getting new clients through online courses, in-person and online workshops, books, e-books, and this award-winning podcast. Get to know the best tips to improve your business with classic sales rules and innovative digital marketing strategies.


Slator is the leading provider in news, analysis and market research for the global translation and language industry. SlatorPod is their podcast, a weekly session that brings together experts in the field from international companies to discuss the latest advances.

Rough Translation

Rough Translation is a podcast from NPR (National Public Radio), a non-profit media site whose mission is to “Follow familiar conversations into unfamiliar territory.” This podcast talks about diversity from a unique point of view that will help you understand different cultures.

The Localization Podcast

If you want to keep learning about how the inside of the industry works, listen to the casual conversations in The Localization Podcast, where Andrej Zito interviews localization experts in a fun and informal programme.

Smart Habits for Translators

In this podcast, you will find habits to improve your business and lifestyle as a freelance translator. Smart Habits for Translators talks about various topics, including productivity, finances, marketing, and even mental health, just for linguists! This podcast offers holistic content, considering you as a person as well as a professional.

As a freelance translator, you should never stop learning, and listening to podcasts is a fun and entertaining way to improve your skills and knowledge. We hope these suggestions help you advance in your freelancing and get more projects that you feel passionate about.

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